Case Studies Now Launched On Our Website

4th June 2020

Induction Heating Case Studies across a wide range of industrial sectors and applications are now available on our website in a new section. We have three case studies in place covering real world industrial induction heating applications. These include: wire rope induction heating, automotive induction shrink fitting and the induction tempering of bandsaw blades. The new case studies section can be accessed from the main navigation menu in the header of the website.

Case Studies Now Launched On Our Website

Case Study 1 - The rope is continuously fed through an induction coil to heat the rope up to a maximum temperature of 180°C prior to the impregnation process. Inductelec systems are used in the automotive industry to shrink fit gears and rings.

Case Study 2 - Shrink fitting overview - Metals will generally expand when heated and contract when cooling.

Case Study 3 - Inductelec systems are used by manufacturers of bandsaws to temper the blades continuously in line. Bandsaw tempering overview - Inductelec systems are integrated into product lines to ensure uniform tempering of the entire bandsaw blade.