D-Type Induction Heater


The D-Type range of MF induction heaters from Inductelec provides a flexible, cost effective and reliable answer to any medium frequency induction heating requirement.

The Range

Offered in a range of powers from 100kW to 600kW with operating frequencies of 1kHz to 10kHz the D-Type has been designed to operate into a wide range of coil impedances which can be utilised in a range of traditional and niche induction heating applications.

The D-Type range of induction heating power units have been developed to incorporate the very latest techniques and industry advances to ensure maximum energy efficiency and system safety.

Operator control is via a purpose-designed membrane panel which features 5 internal programmable power control and time settings.

Diagnostic panels are included for cubicle temperature, water temperature, water-flow, last power, elapsed time, etc, to aid with fault finding and reporting.


In developing the D-Type, our engineers were tasked with optimising the flexibility, operating range and reliability of the unit. The resulting system answers many of the flexibility limitations traditionally associated with this type of equipment.

Overall control is achieved utilising a microcontroller. Auxiliary communication can be provided via a dedicated, isolated CAN-bus based communication system, or via a standard 0-5V power control signal in conjunction with logic signals for power on and fault feedback to enable ease of interface to external control systems.

To complement the D-type power units we are able to supply a range of standard and bespoke handling systems. These include progressive hardening solutions, conveyors, walking beams and rotary tables all of which can be manually or automatically fed.



Digital Control

Remote work-heads

Changeover switch option

Consistent repeatable results

Easily maintained including remote fault finding

High mains input power factor

Easily interfaced to a wide range of PLC and temperature control systems

Comprehensive water cooling monitoring and protection

Typical Applications


Progressive hardening

Single shot hardening

Shrink fitting

Bar end heating

Billet heating

Wire heating

Paint drying

Tube bending

Wire rope heating

Soldering and brazing

Thermal simulation

Weld annealing and pre heating

Strip heating

Mass heating

D-Type Data Sheet

D-Type Power Units

Power Frequency Dimensions (mm) Mains Supply
10kW - 600kW 1kHz -10kHz 900 x 710 x 985 Please contact us