Inductelec News

November 2017
Trainee Electrical Engineer Appointed At Inductelec

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Buchanan as a trainee Electrical Engineer who joins us following the successful completion of an advanced apprenticeship in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He is proving to be a reliable and proficient member of our team, and has now enrolled on an HNC in Electrical Engineering. Michael has already become an integral part of our business and we hope he will continue to flourish.

Trainee Electrical Engineer Appointed At Inductelec

His previous job was at Arrow Technical Services where he was an Electronic Manufacturing Engineer for 14 months. He has 2 A-Levels in Maths and Physics and completed his IPC Training and gained a Level 2 in Electronics and Engineering. Michael also started working at Inductelec earlier in the year and is currently studying for his HNC in Electrical Engineering at AMRC. We welcome Michael as part of the team and look forward to working with him over the coming years.

October 2017
Inductelec Exhibiting At Heat Treat 2017 Columbus Ohio USA

Inductelec will be exhibiting at Heat Treat 2017 in Columbus Ohio at the Greater Columbus Convention Centre on October 24-26, 2017. Our Booth number is 2534. Heat Treat 2017, the biennial show from the ASM Heat Treating Society, is considered the premier, can't-miss event for heat treating professionals in North America. This year's conference and expo will feature an exciting mix of new technology, exhibits, technical programming and networking events geared toward the heat treating industry.

Inductelec Exhibiting At Heat Treat 2017 Columbus Ohio USA

Conference highlights include three days of face-to-face networking opportunities with approximately 200 heat treat exhibitors/companies. All of the top companies and big names in the heat treating industry will be represented!

  • Latest research and industry insights through more than 125 technical sessions, featuring special symposiums on Induction Heat Treating
  • Basics of Heat Treating education mini-courses, including exhibit hall access
  • This is Heat Treat free college student program
  • Taste of Columbus networking event at the historic Columbus North Market

Continued co-location with Gear Expo 2017, providing HT attendees with access to an additional network of 4,000 attendees and 250 exhibiting companies. Joint initiatives with Gear Expo 2017 include keynotes on the expo show floor, educational programming, networking events and much more!

August 2017
New Positions at Inductelec

nductelec would like to welcome two staff members to the team deployed in our UK Induction Heating machine production facility. We are looking forward to working with Piotr Kadziela and Anna Matusz as part of the team and look forward to working with him over the coming years.

Piotr Kadziela is an Electrical Assembly Fitter/Panel Wireman originally from Poland moving to the UK in November 2004. He started at Inductelec during the year. Piotr is enjoying the varied nature of the work and the challenges it presents.

Piotr Kadziela Inductelec

Anna Matusz is a CNC Router Operator originally from Leszno in Poland having moved to the UK is 2010. Anna was a Machine Operator at various places before starting at Inductelec including Hickmann & Love who are a specialist manufacturers and suppliers of a range of steel reinforcement products for the concrete industry.

Anna Matusz Inductelec

June 2017
New PhD Graduate Joins Inductelec

Jamie Pennington recently joined Inductelec as a Graduate Trainee. His area of academic expertise is in complex heat treatment of stainless steel. He brings to Inductelec a huge amount of expertise in general heat treatment, hardening and tempering. He also brings to us general metallurgical knowledge which complements our extensive experience of induction heating and related applications. After studying Physical Sciences with the Open University Jamie joined the University of Sheffield in 2012 to undertake his MSc (Eng) in Environmental and Energy Engineering in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department.

New PhD Graduate Joins Inductelec

Jamie stated “My MSc (Eng) research project focused on the development of composite carbon electrodes in electrochemical supercapacitors for energy storage applications. During the course of this research I became extremely interested in the materials science underpinning the production of large micro-scale surface areas on activated carbon particles to increase energy and power density. After graduating in 2013 and receiving the departmental prize for best Masters research project I joined the Advanced Metallic Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in the Materials Science and Engineering Department to broaden my understanding and appreciation of the fundamental and enabling role materials science plays in engineering applications and technological development.”

May 2017
Inductelec Invest In New CNC Router Machinery

As part of the investment plan for 2017 we are pleased to announce that we have invested in three CNC Router Machines at our modern facility in Sheffield. This capital investment project allowed for direct control over mechanical component lead times for our systems and very high degrees of flexibility in our manufacture so our customers avoid having to pay such high costs. We are impressed with the technology and capabilities of the CNC routing machines and can already see the benefits across many areas of our production process.

Inductelec Invest In New CNC Router Machinery

The purchase of the CNC Routing equipment has also led to the securing of our supply lines on projects whereby we now have capabilities and capacity in house. The increase in capacity also allows for a scaling up of production when required or a shortening of lead times. Cost control has improved significantly with savings identified within this part of our project process. Quality control is also enhanced with a shorter inspection process. We also have the ability for rapid prototyping for agile manufacturing and more complex component manufacture. The total capital investment was in excess of £40,000.

April 2017
Inductelec Now Part Of The Altek Europe Group

Inductelec is now part of the Altek Europe Group after a successful merger has recently been completed. The union of both companies provides a powerful platform to operate on a global basis in the Induction Heating market sector. The merger sees Inductelec expand significantly in resources and capabilities with three modern manufacturing facilities around the world with in excess of 100 staff members.

Inductelec Now Part Of The Altek Europe Group

ALTEK is a technology-based company with specialist expertise and experience in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminium dross and scrap processing systems. Their engineers have, between them, over 200 years of international experience in developing and refining solutions to dross and scrap recycling and induction heating. Combined with Inductelec we are a unique skill resource for our worldwide customers.

February 2017
Inductelec Invest In New CAE Software Ansys

Inductelec is pleased to announce the completion of a major software application investment for our business processes. Over the last 12 months we have invested in excess of £125,000 and substantial resources into the project over the same time period. We are now up and running with the new software which is 100% integrated into our business processes and business systems. All of our staff have successfully completed their training with super users in place as process champions. We continue to offer expert modelled coupled electromagnetic and fluid dynamic systems using the full ANSYS suite. This solves very complex induction heating problems and also assists with ongoing product development particularly in the area of reliability and efficiency.

Inductelec Invest In New CAE Software Ansys

Ansys takes simulation-driven product development and engineering simulation to another level. The unequalled depth and breadth of this software coupled with its unmatched engineered scalability, comprehensive multiphysics foundation and adaptive architecture sets it apart from other CAE (Computer-aided engineering) tools. These ANSYS advantages add value to the engineering design process by delivering efficiency, driving innovation and reducing physical constraints, enabling simulated tests that might not be possible otherwise.

January 2017
New Salesman Has Been Appointed To Increase Awareness Of The Company & Sales

Inductelec welcomes new Business Development Manager Paul Evans. He is looking forward to the role and knows the induction heating industry very well with many years in the sector. Paul states “I have been known as "the hunter", as I favour a pro-active approach to making sales. For me, it’s about working hard and making opportunities happen. In a world of digital communication, websites and automation it is easy to forget that decisions are still made by real people. That's why I really like to talk with customers, bridge that gap, and get to the heart of what they really need to help them achieve. Inductelec offer in-house solutions for all things induction, I just have to find those customers who will benefit from everything we have to offer.”

New Salesman Has Been Appointed To Increase Awareness Of The Company & Sales

New business development and customer relationship management for the Inductelec range of products and services, liaising with clients to determine business requirements to develop bespoke heating without the flame solutions, including Induction heating equipment for brazing, hardening, shrink fitting, pre-PWHT Coil Design, Manufacture and Refurbishment, Panel Wiring and Batch Work Machining. Paul is a seasoned, committed professional business development manager with a proven track record in numerous industries. Specialities include cold calling, tele sales and managing existing accounts, being comfortable and confident presenting, negotiating and selling at all levels.