Induction Bending

Induction Bending

Inductelec are able to offer a range of standard and bespoke Induction Bending systems with a wide range of traditional and non traditional components. These highly cost efficient ‘Induction bending’ are based on the very latest Induction Heating Technology. Designed and manufactured entirely at our modern manufacturing facility in Sheffield in the UK our approach is unique as all aspects of the project including design, manufacture, machining and PLC programming is handled internally.

Induction bending systems have been used for bending in a host of industries including the fork lift fork and tube bending sectors. Inductelec Induction Bending systems are in daily use across the globe carrying out all manner of induction bending processes including:

  • Railway Clips
  • Tube Bending
  • Forklift Forks
  • Leaf Springs
  • Clock Spring Ends
  • Anti-roll Bars
induction bending

Heating large sections for the production of fork lift forks.

Inductelec's Induction Bending systems feature a range of state solid state power units and pyrometer control systems to provide a totally safe, cost effective and almost zero defect level of quality product output. Consistently accurate, Inductelec’s new range of induction heating equipment provides not only totally repeatable and fully traceable product quality levels, through our sophisticated monitoring systems, but also manufacturers with a wide range of benefits and flexible processing options. Some of these major benefits include higher production output and operator utilisation, with considerably reduced scrap levels, production costs and production equipment changeover times, maintenance and repair costs.

Inductelec have a proven track record of working alongside customers and suppliers to facilitate the building of long term partnerships, thereby ensuring continuous process enhancement and technical advancement. Customers are invited to draw on our highly innovative and experienced engineering team who we believe offer the ultimate in forward thinking Induction Bending systems to customers, focusing on both their current and future needs not only on new projects but also to improve existing processes.

We are happy to visit both existing and potential customers to review existing processes or new Induction Bending projects on a no obligation basis. Utilising our in house facilities we are able to produce samples and demonstrate equipment should this be required.

Please browse our website for more information about Induction Bending Systems then contact us on +44 (0) 1246 383737 to speak to a member of our team or e-mail us on