Induction Brazing Services

Induction Brazing Services

Inductelec Ltd offer a full sub-contract induction brazing service. Power units available for brazing - 5kW, 10 Kw, 15 kW and 30 kW. The array of equipment allows us to select the correct machine for your process and to produce your components in the most efficient manner. Quotations will be issued on a free of charge no obligation basis.

Service includes:

  • A custom designed and manufactured work coil specifically for your components
  • Tooling can be designed and manufactured to ensure consistent results
  • We are able to recommend and supply suitable braze media
  • We are able to recommend and supply suitable flux
  • Quantities 1 off to 5000 off
  • A price will be given per part for any given quantity
  • A price for coil and tooling manufacture if required will be provided
  • Customer will own coil and tooling at the end of the job

Benefits of induction brazing:

  • Controlled heating rate and affected area
  • Clean, leak proof joints by optimising quantity of braze media and flux
  • Reduced oxidation and cleaning
  • Fast heating cycles
  • Consistent results
  • Repeatable quality from control of variables in the process
  • Repeatable speed of production

Information required from customer:

  • Drawings of all components
  • Details of how components fit together
  • Component material
  • Details of process if brazed using another method
    • Brazing temperature
    • Braze media currently used
    • Flux currently used
  • Heating method currently employed
  • Mechanical properties of joint required
Safebraze System

Induction Brazing Safebraze System

Twin Head Induction Brazing Safebraze system featuring low voltage operater safe coils. Fully integrated fume extraction system and PLC multiprofile time and power controls.


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