Induction Heaters

Induction Heaters

Inductelec are able to offer a range of standard and bespoke Induction Heating Systems for processing a whole range of traditional and non traditional components. These highly cost efficient 'Induction Heating Systems' are based on the very latest Induction Heating technology. Designed and manufactured entirely at our modern factory in Sheffield in the UK our approach is unique as all aspects of the project including design, manufacture, machining and PLC programming is handled internally.

Induction heating systems have been used for Induction Hardening, Induction Annealing, Induction Forging, Induction Brazing & Soldering.

Inductelec Induction Heating Systems utilise an in house range of state of the art power units featuring the latest solid state switching techniques and state of the art magnetic technologies including DZM impedance matching and high efficiency work heads. Importantly all systems can be offered with low impedance output circuits to enable hand loading of components and exposed coils without the risk of electric shock or RF burns.

Induction Heaters

However, any advantages gained by our power unit technology could potentially go untapped if it is not coupled with a suitably efficient and reliable system for the parts handling or accurate jigging and tooling.

Our extensive range of handling solutions includes standard and bespoke systems from simple hand loaded jigs to fully automatic feed systems utilizing, rotary tables, conveyors, pick and place systems, bowl feeders, step feeders, robots etc. Paired with the latest encoder based positional systems and PLC technology and utilizing operator friendly HMI panels we produce innovative, easily maintained, operator friendly equipment.

Induction Heating Systems today, provide a totally safe, cost effective and almost zero defect level of quality product output. Consistently accurate, Inductelec’s new range of Induction Heating Systems provide not only totally repeatable and fully traceable product quality levels, through our sophisticated monitoring systems, but also manufacturers with a wide range of benefits and flexible processing options. Some of these major benefits include higher production output and operator utilisation, with considerably reduced scrap levels, production costs and production equipment changeover times, maintenance and repair costs.

Inductelec Induction Heating Systems are in daily use across the world carrying out a wide range of applications. We offer site visits to both existing and potential customers to review existing processes or new projects on a no obligation basis. Utilising our in house facilities we are able to produce samples and demonstrate equipment should this be required.

Edge Hardening of Shear Blades


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