Induction Heating Systems

MF Induction Heaters

The D type range of MF Induction Heaters from Inductelec Limited provides a flexible, cost effective and reliable answer to any medium frequency induction heating requirement.

RF Induction Heaters

The Ultratec range of solid state RF Induction Heaters from Inductelec limited provides a clean, quiet compact and safe UK designed and built solid state replacement for traditional valve powered RF Induction Heaters. Their cutting edge design utilises the latest in digital control and igbt/mosfet switching techniques to address the main limitations and drawbacks associated with traditional valve powered RF Induction Heaters.

Induction Heating Coils

Inductelec are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Induction Heating Coils. As such we have the technical expertise to advise on all aspects of coil design.

Induction Heaters

Induction heating systems have been used for Induction Hardening, Induction Annealing, Induction Forging, Induction Brazing & Soldering.

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