Heat Treatment Solutions

Through its individually tailored, design, build, servicing and dedicated product / process support programmes, Inductelec offer a complete problem solving approach to your induction heating needs and Heat Treatment Solutions.

Heat Treatment Hardening of 100mm Pin

Heat Treatment Hardening of 100mm Pin

Induction Heating - 100mm pin being hardened to a depth of 5mm using 350Kw D Type medium frequency induction heater and horizontal traverse.

Technologically driven, coupled with a highly focused sensitivity for both the marketplace and its customers needs, Inductelec has an enviable track record with many of the worlds ‘Blue Chip Companies’ particularly those in the Automotive, Off-Shore, Aerospace, Power Generation, General Engineering, Consumer Appliances and Multi- Material Composites Markets.

Although many ‘Heat Treatment Solutions’ have been around for many years now, prejudice, coupled with long established, traditional custom and practice with other heating media, has long restricted the growth and application of what today, this form of thermal processing technology can give designers and manufacturers, in terms of heat treatment solutions, processing advantages, systems flexibility, quality levels, product consistency and safety levels.

Manufacturing equipment, production methods and processes designed around traditional gas fired, electric and infra-red heating, especially in conjunction with ovens, furnaces, torches and other alternative heating methods, including adhesives for bonding purposes, can in many cases be considerably improved upon, such that through the adoption of ‘Induction Heating solutions’, many of the attributable features and benefits, cannot be replicated with any other forms of heating media.

Heat Treatment Hardening of 100mm Pin

Induction Heating treatment Hardening of Lawnmover Blades

Induction Heating - Purpose-built system for edge hardening of lawnmower bottom blades. Power is from 12Kw Ultratec RF Induction Heater.

Environmentally more friendly, the basis of its operational technology also means that it is acknowledged as a much safer and cleaner process than conventional methods, particularly in terms of its production process emission levels; whilst at the same time, providing manufacturers with vastly reduced operator training/skills, maintenance, spares and repair programmes.

Inductelec Induction heat treatment equipment is already in daily use throughout the world in the following applications:

Shaft hardening, ball pin hardening, steering components, hot heading, thread rolling, forging pneumatic fittings, post weld annealing pipe joints, hardening gears, forging axles, forging crankshafts, forging anti roll bars, forging hammers and forging engine valves.

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