Induction Service & Spares

Induction Service & Spares

Inductelec provides a wide range of Service & Spares options for your Induction Heating Equipment. Services available include:

  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Breakdown Call-Out
  • 24 Hour Emergency Breakdown Service
  • Work carried out on all types of equipment regardless of original manufacturer
  • Fast response to visit your site as we appreciate the gravity of lost production time
  • Availability of spare parts for most types of induction generator

The above are all available at very competitive rates. Our engineers are conversant with most designs of induction generators and systems, both modern day solid state units and previous generation tube generators.

Generally we try to respond the same day provided the request is received before 12 noon.

Induction Service & Spares

Due to the pressures on production schedules some customers cannot wait, in these instances our 24 hour emergency service comes into its own.

Preventative maintenance Contracts can be tailored to customers exact requirements. Visits are made at specific intervals to check and report on the equipment's condition. Regular maintenance undoubtedly reduces lost production time. Maintenance agreements are available for all makes and ages of equipment.

Spares typically carried in stock include E2V Oscillator valves; ABB, Morgan Matroc, Draloric, SCT and Celem capacitors; thyristors, transistors, rectifiers, IGBT, Mosfet and general electronic components.

Manufacturing equipment, production methods and processes designed around traditional gas fired, electric and infra-red heating, especially in conjunction with ovens, furnaces and torches, including adhesives for bonding purposes, can in many cases be considerably improved upon, such that through the adoption of 'Induction Heating Technology, Equipment and Practices', many of the attributable features and benefits, cannot be replicated with any other forms of heating media.

Requiring much less standing floor area than conventional heating technology, Induction Heating Applications and equipment use considerably less energy and are demonstrably faster than any other comparable processes. Not only is this form of heating approach able to provide a more highly targeted and focused heat source, but it also generates a greatly improved level of consistently repeatable, product quality and finishes.

Generator Spares

Induction Generator Spares

Fast response to visit your site as we appreciate the gravity of lost production time. Availability of spare parts for most types of induction generator.


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