Induction Shrink Fitting

Inductelec are able to offer a range of standard and bespoke Induction Shrink Fitting systems for a whole range of traditional and non traditional components. These highly cost efficient ‘Induction heating systems’ are based on the very latest Induction Heating technology. Designed and manufactured entirely at our modern manufacturing facility in Sheffield in the UK our approach is unique as all aspects of the project including design, manufacture, machining, HMI and PLC programming is handled internally.

Induction Shrink Fitting is a procedure in which heat is used to produce a very strong joint between two pieces of metal, one of which is inserted into the other. Heat is applied to one of the pieces so that it expands, the other component is at ambient temperature. At this point the two pieces are placed one inside the other. As the hot component cools it contracts onto the already cool component producing interference and pressure which holds the two pieces together mechanically.

Induction Shrink Fitting

Features of Inductelec’s Induction Shrink Fitting technology:

Inductelec has supplied many Induction Shrink Fitting machines into a wide variety of companies, the majority of whom are supplying into the automotive market. In this environment up-time is a key element as Just-In-Time is a common theme. Inductelec produce extremely reliable machines which give our customers the confidence to work closely with us to ensure production is not interrupted by break-down situations.

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