Induction Soldering & Brazing

Induction Soldering & Brazing

Inductelec have supplied Induction Soldering & Brazing machines into several industry sectors including automotive, aviation, liquid gas and white goods. Materials brazed include, aluminium, brass, copper, alloys, iron and stainless steel.

Inductelec Brazing & Soldering systems have a variety of options available. Multiple head systems allow different parts to be brazed within the same production time. These are fully PLC programmable and can be operated by a part number system which will select the relevant parameters automatically.

Benefits of Inductelec Induction Brazing & Soldering systems:

  • Direct, localised heating of only the joint area
  • Minimal heat-affected zone
  • Uniform heating
  • High quality, leak-proof joint
  • Accurate, repeatable heat transfer
  • Reduced scale formation
  • Quicker cycle times
  • Reduced risk of over heating
Induction Soldering & Brazing

We have many years of experience in Induction Brazing & Soldering solutions. As such we are able to offer advice upon the optimum materials to use for your process. Also we can improve the efficiency of processes by optimising generator performance.

Brazing is an application which lends itself to automation. As the industry leader in the design and build of handling systems Inductelec offer a wide variety of solutions to your brazing problems.

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