Induction Tempering Bandsaw Blades

Induction Tempering Bandsaw Blades

Inductelec systems are used by manufacturers of bandsaws to temper the blades continuously in line. Bandsaw tempering overview - Inductelec systems are integrated into product lines to ensure uniform tempering of the entire bandsaw blade. There are no hard or soft spots, each part of the blade has the same degree of toughness. This renders the steel exceedingly pliable, at the same time firm and tenacious, with no liability of cracking or losing teeth or points. Meaning that the blade will have the quality of holding its cutting edge and tension under forced feed and most trying conditions.

Focus on bandsaw tempering

Features of Machine

  • Feed rate of up to 5 m/ min
  • Band processed between 13 x 0.9 mm and 100 x 1.6 mm
  • 15 kW power unit
  • Air blast cooling for induction system
  • Work coil
  • Sensing of different bandsaw sizes
  • Pyrometer to ensure component is heated within acceptable maximum and minimum parameters
Induction Tempering Bandsaw Blades

What are the Benefits?

  • Accurate and repeatable delivery of heat
  • Uniform heat giving predictable metallurgical properties
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Ability to deal with different component sizes
  • Temperature monitoring to reduce scrap
  • Data logging to show temperature achieved on entire batch of product
  • Ease of integration into an existing production cell
  • Better quality
Induction Tempering Bandsaw Blades