MF Induction Heaters

MF Induction Heaters

The D type range of MF Induction Heaters from Inductelec Limited provides a flexible, cost effective and reliable answer to any medium frequency induction heating requirement.

Offered in a range of powers from 50 to 500Kw with operating frequencies of 1, 3 and 10KHz these state of the art MF Induction Heaters have been successfully utilised on a whole range of induction heating applications.

Utilising the latest control techniques and switching technologies D Type medium frequency induction heaters are already in use in the Induction forging, Induction hardening, Induction bending, pre and post weld treatments, Shrink fitting and many other niche and hi-tech markets.

How big are MF Induction Heating Generators?

The units are compact and take up very little floor space compared to other alternative heat sources. A typical installation includes the power unit, a work head on a flexible umbilical lead a coil and a work station or mechanical handling unit together a free standing cooler. This unit is very easy to use and ensures complete repeatability and process control. The power output is controlled, process time is controlled and when necessary the temperature can be monitored and controlled via a closed loop temperature control system.

Offered as free standing units or as part of one of our fully automated bespoke solutions the D Type MF Induction Heater features:

  • High conversion efficiency
  • Simple operation
  • Easy integration to handling systems
  • Remote power control allowing use of plc, computer or pyrometer control
  • Remote work-head (up to 10m)
MF Induction Heaters

150KW D Type MF Induction Heater

D type MF Induction Heaters are in daily use across the globe carrying out all manner of MF Induction Heating applications including traditional and niche processes as diverse as Forging, melting, Brazing, Induction hardening weld annealing and shrink fitting.

Inductelec Limited have a proven track record of working alongside customers to facilitate the building of long term partnerships, thereby ensuring continuous process enhancement and technical advancement. Customers are invited to draw on our highly innovative and experienced engineering team who we believe offer the ultimate in forward thinking MF Induction Heater solutions to customers, focusing on both their current and future needs on both new projects and existing processes.

We are happy to visit both existing and potential customers to review existing processes or new projects on a no obligation basis. Utilising our in house facilities we are able to produce samples and demonstrate MF Induction Heater equipment should this be required.

All MF Induction Heater units are designed developed and manufactured at our site in Sheffield and come fully CE marked in line with the latest UK and European guidelines.

Please browse our website for more information about MF Induction Heaters then contact us on +44 (0) 1246 383737 to speak to a member of our team or e-mail us on