Wire Rope Induction Heating

Wire Rope Induction Heating

Steel ropes are through-heated to allow the impregnation of coatings. The rope is continuously fed through an induction coil to heat the rope up to a maximum temperature of 180°C prior to the impregnation process. Given the control of the input parameters from the Inductelec rope heating machine a repeatable, consistent output temperature is achieved on rope diameters from 15mm to 120mm.

Focus on steel rope heating.

Features of Machine

  • Line speed up to 20m/min
  • Rope diameters between 15mm and 120mm
  • Controllable output temperature between 100°C and 180°C
  • Power unit
  • Air blast cooling for induction system
  • Work coils to accommodate range of rope diameters
  • Remote work head
  • Fixture to allow different size work coils to be introduced into the line
  • Pyrometer based temperature monitoring to ensure output temperature is within preset maximum and minimum tolerance
Wire Rope Induction Heating

Operation of System

  • Bring correct size work coil into line for rope diameter being processed
  • Load relevant program from PLC to set input parameters
  • Feed rope through the work coil and onto collection drum
  • Initiate feed and warm up cycle
  • Set correct feed rate for rope diameter

What are the Benefits?

  • Accurate repeatable output temperature
  • Automatic safe operation
  • Removal of naked flames
  • Health and safety benefit of removing requirement to store gas bottles on site
  • Energy efficiency
  • Precise control of production rate
  • Ability to process a variety of sizes without coil change
  • Data logging to provide feedback on output temperature of an entire rope
  • Fewer rejects / line stoppages
  • Ease of integration into an existing production cell